This FAQ might help to answer some of your questions. Have a question not covered here? Send us a message through our contact page. 

How long on average are the trips?

Groups tend to come for 6 or 7 days, depending on the travel logistics.

Is there a particular size group preferred?

Groups can be anywhere from 5 people to 30. Anything under 20 people might mean you’ll become a part of a larger group. This would conveyed ahead of your commitment  to come.

Is there a particular age group preferred? 

We only work with Youth Groups that are high school age or older.

Where do you stay when you go there?

We provide lodging for visitors in our main building at Nuevo Reto.

Where do youth groups eat during their stay?

We provide food for our guests at Nuevo Reto. The menu is worked out ahead of the trip with the mission trip leaders. Allergies are taken into consideration. Generally the food will be cooked daily and is traditional Guatemalan fare (i.e. rice, beans, meat, vegetables). We usually have a pizza night and are able to eat out on one day of the trip.

Is it safe? 

Your team will not be alone at any time. There is always someone from our ministry with you. We work with community leaders to ensure safety. We also have safety rules that the team needs to follow in order to avoid any problem. 

How do you ensure my team will be protected?

Here are some of the safety measures we take to ensure our visitors’ safety.

  • Doors are locked at all times
  • Team members are not allowed to walk by themselves, they must always walk in groups. 
  • Not giving money away to people or kids 
  • Not allowing strangers inside the building
  • If necessary, we will provide additional security for the team. 

Have you ever had any safety issues with any of your teams ever ?

Since opening our doors 25 years ago, we've never had any issues with safety, nor any incidents that put our teams at risk.

Do you offer translators to help the teams communicate with the people of Guatemala?

Yes! We do.