Nuevo Reto is a Christian ministry located in Villa Nueva, Guatemala. It is located 15 miles from Guatemala City and only 40 minutes by bus with normal traffic, from Aurora International airport driving South on CA-9 road. Their goal is to provide formal education, feeding, medical attention, counseling, clothing, and any other needs for the estimated 5,000 kids living in the streets. They're also a transition home for for teenage boys and girls who are 18 or older. Founded in 1991, Nuevo Reto has hosted mission trips from over 25 churches around the world. This dedication to love and God have helped to build a center with enough room to house at least 40 kids under twelve, as well as the staff. Now they are in their second phase - trying to build a house on a separate property for older boys and girls. Every day, Nuevo Reto is out there fighting for these children, while promoting a Christian family atmosphere and in an environment where they can feel safe.



Make a donation today to help us support the over 5,000+ children living in the Guatemalan streets. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

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Our survival depends on keeping a steady flow of incoming youth groups who are willing to donate their time and help us to support the children of Villa Nueva.

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