Interested in booking a trip for your youth group to visit Nuevo Reto? Click here to check out our calendar and make your reservation, or read on for more information. We regularly host youth groups at Nuevo Reto from around the world. Each trip is different depending on what we’re currently working on! If you visit during the Summer, we might be digging water wells. If you visit during the winter, we might spend time cleaning up garbage from the streets. We guarantee that if you visit ANYTIME you will surely be interacting with the children, as our goal is provide for them and do our best to protect them from poverty by educating them. 

Other activities include:

  • Daily Bible School
  • Praying with prisoners
  • Providing VBS for the local community

How much does it cost? The total cost of your mission trip, regardless of length, is $XX USD per person per night ($XX USD per person per night for a College Group). This covers all housing, meals including traditionally cooked evening meals, your service program coordination, and one or more hosts who are dedicated to your group the entire time you are at Nuevo Reto. 

A deposit is required to hold any dates!  Deposit amounts vary depending on the length of the trip.


This FAQ might help to answer some of your questions. Have a question not covered here? Send us a message through our contact page. 

How long on average are the trips?

Groups tend to come for 6 or 7 days, depending on the travel logistics.

Is there a particular size group preferred?

Groups can be anywhere from 5 people to 30. Anything under 20 people might mean you’ll become a part of a larger group. This would conveyed ahead of your commitment  to come.

Is there a particular age group preferred? 

We only work with Youth Groups that are high school age or older.

Where do you stay when you go there?

We provide lodging for visitors in our main building at Nuevo Reto.

Where do youth groups eat during their stay?

We provide food for our guests at Nuevo Reto. The menu is worked out ahead of the trip with the mission trip leaders. Allergies are taken into consideration. Generally the food will be cooked daily and is traditional Guatemalan fare (i.e. rice, beans, meat, vegetables). We usually have a pizza night and are able to eat out on one day of the trip.


Here’s the schedule of what a typical day of taking care of the children at Nuevo Reto looks like:

6:00 Wake up!
6:15 Shower time.
6:45 Breakfast
7:10 Leave for school
7:30 Classes begin
12:55 Recess
13:20 Lunch time
14:00 Homework and vocational training
16:00 Relax and have fun!
18:00 Get ready for dinner
19:00 Church (according to scheduled days)
21:00 Bedtime