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Here's what Jeremy Simpson has to say about Nuevo Reto...


The people of Nuevo Reto and their ministry legacy speaks for itself.  My church has been a partner and supporter since 2003.  We have prayed for them, supported them financially, and loved them through many trials.  I have seen and heard them do great things in the name of the Lord for many years, and I know that God is using them to spread the gospel throughout their community and beyond. 

But, there is so much more!  I have experienced their heart, their passion, and the fruit of their sacrifice first hand.  There are adults that were once children that lived at Nuevo Reto living productive and Spirit filled lives!  The list is endless as to how God is providing!  Children are being given beds, clothes, shoes, meals, toys, love, and best of all, hope in Jesus Christ through the Gospel!  Nuevo Reto has helped pay for school tuition and uniforms for countless children, and they even have workshops where children can learn valuable skills like carpentry, sewing, cooking and more. 

It is obvious to say that I believe in what God is doing through Pastor Jacob, his family, and the staff.  They have helped change and continue to change many precious lives.  It is also obvious to say that donating to this ministry is beyond important.  But the thing that has affected my heart forever for this ministry, is the love of the people.  I have rejoiced, wept, and worshipped the Creator with some of the most amazing people God has ever placed in my life.  I love them more than I ever thought possible, and I consider them my family.  My relationship with the people of Nuevo Reto has been one of the most important and significant chapters in my life, and I will always be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me the honor to serve along side each and every one of them.  My prayer is that my testimony will be read by many, and that God will touch those hearts so that Nuevo Reto's legacy will continue for generations to come.  Thank you for allowing me to share my experience and I pray it blesses you. 

And here's what Craig and Sharon Butler have to say:


Our time at Nuevo Reto was a life changing experience for us. God is doing amazing work through Pastor Jacob, his family and staff!     We took a team of 28 teens from America to continue construction on the 2nd floor of a new dormitory at the children's home.          We stayed in one of the existing buildings at Nuevo Reto for five weeks. During this time, we saw the ministry up close. We experienced the heart for the children of Guatemala and the joy of serving the Lord that is at the center of everything they do. God used that opportunity to change the hearts of our teens and call several of the teens into full time ministry and inspired many hearts to do the work of the Lord!

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